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The Tree Smith offers a comprehensive range of tree management services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Specialising in large tree removals in confined spaces and hedge pruning, please see our full range of services below.

Service Range

  • Tree Removal

    Tree removal can be necessary for various reasons. The tree may be dead or dying, diseased, growing too close to a building or structure or part of a larger hazard management plan.

    Where there is sufficient room a tree may be felled from ground level. However, more often than not, city and suburban trees are located in confined spaces, often overhanging buildings or other outdoor structures like sheds, conservatories or well manicured gardens. Access can also be limited and awkward for pedestrians, let alone heavy machinery and equipment.

    The Tree Smith is proficient in, and innovative with, rigging techniques to enable the safe dismantling of large trees in the smallest of spaces.

    Sometimes, access permitting, it can be more efficient to employ the use of an elevated work platform (EWP or "cherry picker"), particularly when working in close proximity to overhead powerlines.

    In certain cases, also depending on access, the most efficient and cost effective way to dismantle your tree will be to use a crane. The Tree Smith has good working relationships with various crane companies around Sydney and Mathew has the experience and qualifications to work safely alongside the crane operatives.

  • Tree Pruning

    Most amenity trees require some pruning in one form or another during their lives. Listed below are some of the common types that could be recommended:

    • Crown Thinning reduces the overall number of limbs by selectively removing diseased or rubbing branches, reducing the crown's density without altering its natural shape. This allows increased light and air to penetrate the canopy. The reduced shade around the base of the tree encourages lawn and plant growth and the reduced wind resistance reduces the risk of storm damage.
    • Crown Lifting or Raising increases ground clearance by removing the lower limbs. Various reasons include clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings etc. It also increases light penetration to shaded areas beneath the canopy encouraging growth of grass and other vegetation.
    • Crown Cleaning is the removal of select branches that may be diseased, dying, weak or just generally objectionable for whatever reason. Many species of Palm that do not self-clean (naturally shed old fronds) require regular maintenance, removing dead fronds and seed pods, to keep them looking at their best.
    • Crown Reduction is a more severe form of pruning reducing the height and/or spread of the tree. It can be required to reduce the weight of potentially dangerous limbs, to balance the shape following storm damage or bad pruning, to prevent obstruction from buildings or to provide clearance for overhead service lines.
    • Hedge Trimming or Pruning is a necessity for maintaining a healthy, good looking hedge. Regular pruning stimulates new, bushier growth which in turn promotes the overall condition and appearance of the hedge. Having spent many years working in the UK, where hedges are abundant in all shapes and sizes, hedging has become one of Mat's specialities.
    • Pollarding is a method of pruning in which the upper branches are removed, promoting a dense head of foliage from epicormic growth. It is generally used to keep a tree or shrub smaller than its natural size.
  • Stump Grinding

    When a tree is removed the stump remains exposed to varying degrees. If your stump is in a hazardous location, e.g. likely to trip a pedestrian, or you wish to plant a replacement tree in the same spot, then removal of the stump is advised.

    A stump grinder removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disc. The disc has sharp teeth that grind the stump and roots into small chips which are then usually compacted back into the hole or spread around the area as mulch.

    Stump grinders come in various sizes, from the very large for huge stumps, to compact stump humpers for tight access areas. We can employ the most appropriate grinder for your requirements.

  • Milling

    If you have a tree to be removed and the timber is of a quality worth preserving rather than chipping or burning as firewood, you may wish to have it milled into planks or beams etc.

    Mathew has an Alaskan Mill for this purpose. This is a portable attachment which, when coupled with a chainsaw or two, allows your timber to be milled on site, converting your tree into perfectly-dimensioned planks or beams for use on any project that you wish.

  • Arborist Reports

    Some trees, depending on your local Council, require an Arborist's report before certain work can be done to them. The Tree Smith can organise this for you as a preliminary to the desired works.

Service Area

Based in Newport on Sydney's Northern Beaches, the Tree Smith provides tree services throughout the Sydney region including off-shore properties such as Scotland Island.

Travelling further afield if the opportunity arises, Mathew relishes the chance to experience new areas and the different species of tree they may have to offer.