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This page is a work in progress. We aim to provide various bits of information that may be of interest to people looking to provide the best care for their trees and the environment in which they grow.

Council Links for tree management policies

Councils have very specific legislations and guidelines on the work that can be done to the various species of tree and shrub that grow within their locale. This helps to protect the native flora and fauna and the general landscape, in which trees form an integral part. Failiure to comply with the legislation can result in a hefty fine and Court Order to plant replacement trees and vegetation.

Some Councils will have a list of exempt species that can be heavily pruned or removed without prior permission due to being classed as noxious weeds etc. These can usually be found within the Tree Preservation Order for that particular Council.

Below are links to the relevant pages on Council websites in and around Sydney (last updated on 22 September 2015):