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A Brief Background

Mathew Smith is The Tree Smith and has been in the tree industry, on and off, his whole life. Born in a village in the heart of the Cotswolds in the UK, he comes from a long line of tree surgeons and foresters; his father, previously a tree surgeon now running his own mobile sawmill business; his grandfather, also a tree surgeon; and his great gandfather before him.

As soon as he was old enough Mathew would accompany his father to jobs and help him out at the weekends or on days off from school. Trees and timber are in his blood and he never tires of them as there is always something new to learn.

Mathew moved to Australia in 2007 after taking up a sponsorship offer from a Sydney based tree service company. The move was not intended to be permanent but rather a chance to expand on his experience and have the opportunity to work with completely different species of trees. However, after falling in love with the Gum trees and the Australian way of life he gained permanent residence status, set up his own business and is now here for the forseeable future.

Why Employ The Tree Smith

Arboriculture can be, and often is, a dangerous business. It involves all, or a combination of, heights, dangerous machinery, heavy loads, extreme noise, electricity, confined spaces and breakable property. If you require tree work to be done ensure you enlist the services of a trained and experienced team.

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